Using a iPad App to fly a RC Plane

I am using a great new app called flybefly which using a small module fitted to any RC Plane can be used to control a actual plane. To be honest the technology is nothing new, after all you have been able to control drones from iPads or tablets for a few years now however this technology has never really made it to model aircraft.

I purchased the dragon rc plane, which is available online here for £129.99 and fitted the flybefly module. Fitting is very straight forward, you simply replace the planes receiver with the module and run the app. The app spends 30 seconds calibrating all controls and you are good to go, one great add on is a camera, using a small webcam mounted to the front of the plane i was able to get a great view from the rc plane on my iPad screen.

Now I am used to flying rc planes using the traditional transmitter and usually use a Spektrum DX8. It took a while to get used to flying without joysticks and just moving the iPad around but eventually I mastered it and using the images transmitted back to my iPad screen I was able to fly the plane a lot higher and further away than i would normally have been able to do so, I must make clear its illegal to loose sight of any rc model but using the images gave me the confidence that would wouldn’t get confused to which way the model was pointed in bright sunlight for example.

All in all I would recommend this to anyone who likes exploring technology, however I don’t think it will replace my trusty Spektrum transmitter any time soon!

New iPad vs. Google Nexus 7 vs. Windows Surface vs. Amazon Kindle Fire: Which one would you choose?

If you are interested in buying a tab, but you are a bit confused, then get a solution here.  There are many tablets available in the market, but it’s a bit difficult to choose one of the best amongst them. To cut out the confusion, why not compare – New iPad vs. Google Nexus 7 vs. Windows Surface vs. Amazon Kindle Fire.


Google Nexus 7 has a rectangular design and full of surprises. It is glossier than other tablets. Microsoft’s Surface looks a lot like a slab along with a kickstand.  Apple new iPad appears chic, but it is a bit thicker and it can’t be kept in the cargo pocket. Nexus 7 has higher resolution than Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Google’s tablet has 7-inch 1280×800 IPS display while the Kindle Fire features 1024×600 IPS LCD.


Apple new iPad boasts 9.7-inch IPS panel offering 2048×1536 pixels resolution along with a Retina display. It is bigger in size and denser. Not much is known about Microsoft Surface, but it is expected that the Surface RT with “Clear Type HD” will have 1280×720 pixel screen whereas Surface Pro with “Clear Type Full HD” will have 1920×1080 pixel display.


Amazon Kindle Fire 1GHz dual-core OMAP4 is a bit slower than Google Nexus 7, which is easy to use.  However, Apple’s iPad has 1GHz Apple A5X processor and it is powered by quad-core while Nexus has 12-core GPU.

Microsoft has not disclosed anything about its Surface, but it is guessed that the Surface Pro will have Ivy Bridge Core i5 and the Surface RT will have Tegra.

Google Nexus 7 and Apple’s iPad are powered by 1GB on-board RAM. However, Amazon’s Kindle Fire has 512MB of RAM. Microsoft has not revealed anything about RAM.




Amazon Kindle Fire offers free cloud-based storage for the entire Amazon content, but it has only 6GB of internal storage. Apple’s iPad comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage versions. Google Nexus has got 8GB and 16GB storage versions. Microsoft’s Surface wins overall when it comes to storage as it will be available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB versions. You can also expand Surface storage capacity with MicroSD card and MicroSDXC.


Apple iPad is powered by 11,560mAh battery while Kindle Fire delivers 4,400mAh battery. Google Nexus 7 comes with 4,325mAh battery. Amazon Kindle fire and Nexus 7 provide 7-8-hour battery backup. Apple claims that its new iPad will provide 10-hour battery life. Microsoft hasn’t said anything.


Operating System

Google Nexus 7 has Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, which is loaded with many striking features like Project Butter UI. Apple new iPad powers on iOS 5, but new iPad will be equipped with iOS 6 soon.

Amazon Kindle Fire runs on forked Android version while Microsoft Surface has an ARM-powered model and Windows 8 Pro on the Intel-powered one.


Amazon’s Kindle Fire – £199

Google’s Nexus 7 – £199 (8GB) or £249 (16GB) with £25 of Play store credit.

Apple’s new iPad – £499 to £699 for the Wi-Fi model and £629 to £829 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular models

Microsoft’s Surface – N/A



Microsoft Surface is ideal for those who are looking for more storage in their tabs. Apple new iPad has an unbelievable Retina display. Google Nexus 7 and Amazon kindle Fire provide 7 to 8-hour battery backup. You can select any of them according to your requirements.

MacPractice Launches New iPad Apps to Faciliate Patient Registrations


MacPractice, a developer of clinical and practice management software for doctors’ offices on iPhones, iPads and Macs, launched the MacPractice MD, DDS, DC and 20/20 Clipboard iPad Apps yesterday. These apps will facilitate more efficient patient registration and will make use of the efficiency and easy-to-understand interface of the Apple iPad in order to not only save time, but also diminish the risk of errors in data entry.

The data which is entered by a new patient after entering and signing the registration forms in the Clipboard iPad app, will be automatically fed into that patient’s own account in MacPractice MD, DDS, DC or 20/20 v. 4.1 in the PC. Moreover, each patient’s insurance information will now be made easily accessible and reviewed by office staff. In this manner, MacPractice Clipboard Apps increase efficiency in the registration process, save staff time and paper and most importantly, lower the risk of errors in data-entry because of illegible handwriting.

Among the other benefits of using these apps, one of the more relevant ones are that patients may complete and sign their HIPAA consent and release forms, which are subsequently attached to the patient’s account in the MacPractice Attachments in the PC. In later visits, the patients may use the Clipboard iPad apps in order to alter or confirm the registration information and enter the reason for their doc visit.

The Clipboard iPad apps can be downloaded for free from the App Store and are to be used along with MacPractice for MacPractice support subscribers.

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Apple Removes iPad Game Based On Sino-Japan Island Controversy


The tremors set forth by the spat between the China and Japan over the disputed Diaoyu islands located in the East China Sea have now been felt in the cyber world as well. This week, a controversial iPad game, called Defend the Diaoyu Islands, which involved China defending the uninhabited islands against Japan was removed from the App Store.

Although no reason was given for the app’s sudden removal, analysts are saying that the reason may be attributed to the fact that the game violates Apple’s terms of service. According to Apple’s terms of service, “enemies” in a game must not target a particular culture, race, real government, corporation or any real entity.

The game’s removal comes at a politically uneasy time, with Beijing and Tokyo locking horns over the issue of the island’s ownership.

Fishery administration ships from China arrived in the island’s waters after Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda made public a plan to “nationalize” the Diaoyu islands.

This week, Chinese foreign minister Yang Jiechi had a meeting with Japanese foreign minister Koichiro Gemba in Phnom Penh, in which the former stated China’s stance on the disputed Islands, arguing that Tokyo ought to return to solving disputes through reconciliation and dialogue.

Back in April, Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara had started a campaign to “buy” the islands. This unusual move had led to Beijing protesting and thus giving rise to this dispute.

Gustav Klimt: The free Klimt iPad app


In celebration of Gustav Klimt’s 150th birth anniversary, the Belvedere is planning to hold a comprehensive temporary exhibition to the famous Austrian painter, who was one of the pioneers of Modernism. Klimt’s life story and his spectacular masterpieces are portrayed to the viewer in an innovative interdisciplinary manner.

Just when the viewer approaches one of the Klimt paintings, an iPad app instantly establishes correlations with the actual topography of Klimt’s various travel destinations, allowing the viewer to spatially experience the painter’s living quarters and the very buildings in which he worked on his masterpieces.

If you happen to be another art patron, or if you’re interested in the life and times of Klimt, you can download the Google-Maps-based geomedia “Gustav Klimt World Map” from the iTunes Store to know more about his life and his works. Such a unique exhibition redefines the conventional experience of a visitor to an art gallery or a museum.

The iPad app will guide the visitors on a unique multimedia journey that touches upon events in the artist’s life. This experience aims to immerse the visitors into works of art, which an ordinary guide book fails to achieve.

All those who are interested in obtaining the Klimt map can simply download it off the Web free of cost. The app acts as a “casual guide”, which explores all the places that played an important role in shaping Klimt’s life.

‘iPad 4′ Concept Video Shows Insane Fantasy Features


iPad 3? Done & dusted. Let’s now look towards what we can have next. Yes, I am talking about the iPad 4. But not from Apple this time. An iPad 4 concept video released by a renowned Apple faker, Aatma Studios (although they themselves call it the iPad 3, but looking at the concept we have decided to call it iPad 4) that has been extremely popular in the Web recently is looking to completely outshine Apple’s own product.

The extent of CGI is nothing short of fantastic, considering the fact that the whole concept is based simply on hopes and aspirations as to what the iPad 3 would have offered.

The concept iPad 4 boasts of an edge-to-edge display which seems to resemble the overall style of the much-rumored Samsung Galaxy B.

It also offers special magnetic NFC capabilities- just snap 2 iPads to each other and both the displays shall merge to create one big image. This is already a little out-of-the-world. But Aatma studios is pushing things to the limit connected devices beaming out multi-angle holographic graphics and inputs.

In addition to all this, the video also shows projected game controls that fire out of both sides, along with a 3D, holographic version of Madden that is played across the twin-screen display.

iPad article credit goes to Get it Repaired – Specialists in iPad & iPhone repairs.

How green is your iPad anyway?


The iPad is one of the most wonderful gifts ever given to the world digital media. Most people believe that it’s a replacement for a paper book, but it’s a big question whether your iPad lives up to your hope or not. Is your iPad good for the environment? Why not verify to what extend it is eco-friendly?

Carbon Footprint

The Green Press Initiative, a non-profit organization, researched about average lifecycle of e-reading devices and its effects on human health compared to the average book. After going through Apple’s own published environmental report about the iPad, the Green Press discovered that an iPad is accountable for 287 Ibs of CO2 while the average printed book is liable for merely 8.85 Ibs of CO2. But, Apple iPad 2 is environmentally friendly with total carbon prints (emissions). The figures are given below.

  • Production      85.8
  • Customer use  29.9
  • Transport         11.7
  • Recycling        2.6
  • Total                130

Human Health and Resources

An iPad can accumulate numerous books like a small physical library. The creation of iPad is on a par with 40-50 books when it refers to the use of fossil fuel, water and mineral consumption. A single e-book has 70 times more impact on human health than a printed book.




It’s a universal fact that books can be recycled while it’s not clear whether iPads can be recycled. Recycling an iPad is a bit more difficult process. After using this device, it is handed over to less developed regions of the world for recovering precious materials while the rest of the parts are discarded in traditional landfills. Apple has reduced material waste using of highly recyclable materials. All products are processed in the same region where they are collected.

This means, if you break your iPad then get a iPad repair – don’t go out and buy a new one!

Restricted substances

Apple restricts harmful substances from its products and packaging. An iPad is manufactured under the strict European Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment, which is also called as the RoHS Directive. RoHS restricted material includes lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and the brominated flame retardants (BFRs) PBB and PBDE. Apple’s iPad 2 follows RoHS Directive with restrictions given below:

  • Mercury-free LED-backlit display
  • Arsenic-free display glass
  • BFR-free
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)−free


Apple’s iPad is made of recyclable materials. The company uses highly corrugated cardboard prepared for a minimum of 28 percent post-consumer recycled content. The molded fiber is also composed from recycled content. If an iPad is taken as a whole, then it comes in the category of eco-friendly device.


Overall the iPad has some good thing going for the environment as well as some pretty bad things, which are not so good for the environment. But whatever it is, there is no doubt at all that Apple can certainly improve the green quotient of its products especially the iPad since these devices are use in such a large scale that they have a great potential of causing permanent damage to the environment.

Motorola Xoom Doesn’t Infringe iPad Design Patent: German Court


Yesterday, a German court made a ruling that the Motorola Xoom tablet, manufactured by Google’s Motorola Mobility, does not infringe on the Apple’s iPad’s design. However, the court rejected Motorola’s claim that the design patent of the iPad is in fact invalid.

Apple had initially sued Google’s Motorola Mobility for its Xoom tablet allegedly infringing on three different iPad designs. In fact, Apple wanted to get the Xoom tablet banned throughout Europe.

Since the court rejected both their claims, it ordered Motorola to pay a third of the costs and Apple to bear two-thirds of the costs.

The ruling was preceded by two other hearings, during which the presiding judge had hinted that the court seemed to be favoring Motorola’s case. In fact, Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann had said back in March that the “evenly bent back and shaped edges” on the frontal side of the Xoom tablet were considered sufficient by the court to provide the product with its own identity.

Interestingly, the Duesseldorf courts have been receiving many cases involving Apple’s iPad in the past few months. Apple has tasted some victory in the legal battles it fought in Germany, notably the case in which it managed to get two different Samsung tablets banned for sale in Germany in 2011. It is also attempting to get two others banned throughout Europe at Dusseldorf’s highest court.

Design infringement is one of several different kinds of intellectual property disputes that are currently in progress between important technology companies not only in Germany, but also in other parts of the world.

At the same time, Apple is fighting a legal battle against both Samsung and Motorola in a different court in Mannheim, alleging that they infringed patent involving multi-touch enabled devices.

iPad Solution for Food Trucks with Twitter Integration Unveiled


The iPad-based restaurant point of sale (POS) system designed for food trucks on the go has finally been unveiled by Revel Systems, the leader in POS solution. The system comes with Twitter integration allowing users to send tweets giving time-to-time updates to customers.

The food truck solution allows users to run their iPad POS systems without worrying about router connections, power reliability and loose cables. Moreover, the Revel Router, which is especially made for an  iPad device and developed by Revel Systems, can be accessed without any external or additional hardware or wiring as it accesses an internet connection directly via Verizon 3G or 4G-enables Apple iPad. This adds to one’s advantage since it eliminates the need for a MiFi 3G hotspot or an Ethernet route.

The integration with Twitter has made this solution a powerful asset for all food truck businesses. Twitter followers can now be alerted through tweet updates on special deals, discount offers, exact current location and much more, contributing to a boost for the business.

Lisa Falzone, the CEO of Revel Systems, said that the objective was to help food business owners with an easy purpose-built solution. She also added that the Twitter integration has generated a large number of responses and that it is a simple way for them to attract customers.

The POS terminal with the Revel Router for the food truck edition is now available for $1999 along with a small monthly service fee.

Apple Forced To Publish Notice Stating Samsung Galaxy Tab Not A Copy Of iPad


The long-drawn legal battle over patents between the two smartphone giants Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics has just seen an interesting development. Cupertino-based Apple Inc. has just been ordered by Judge Colin Birss to publish a message on its UK site and in all UK newspapers. The message will basically tell consumers that the design of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab was not copied from that of Apple’s iPad. The notice would highlight the decision taken by the court on July 9 in which it concluded that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab does not infringe on Apple’s existing design patents.

In a recent report, it was said that UK Judge Colin Birss in his ruling had affirmed that the Galaxy tablets made no infringement upon Apple’s iPad designs since they were “not as cool”. He stated that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets belonged to the ‘same family as the Apple design’, at least from the front. On the other hand, he noted that Samsung products were very thin and nearly insubstantial members of the family, having “unusual details” at the rear.

Apple’s lawyer has stated that his client will appeal the July 9 decision and also that Judge Birss has given the company permission to take its case to the court of appeal.

The legal tussle between Apple and Samsung has been going on for a while, in spite of the fact that the two companies maintained friendly relations a few years back and also share a complication relationship between each other since Samsung is a major supplier of components to Apple.