Next Apple iPad with A6 chip?

Four screenshots reportedly pertaining to a debugging code of next release of iPad were released by Boy Genius Report. These shots bring out details of two iPads that are about to be released in the near feature. They also mentioned about a quad-core processor.

As mentioned by the report, one of the two iPads will be enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity, while the second one will have both Wi-Fi and different network capabilities. The second iPad is expected to support both CDMA and GSM networks. It is also believed that it would be 4G LTE enabled.

4G compatibility was expected even with the second generation iPads. There are some other aspects that make the next generation iPad as hot favorite for so many of us. They include, firstly the release of Gobi 400 chip by Qualcomm’s and the second one is a report by Bloomberg which claimed that the next generation iPad would be the fastest device.

The presently existing Apple chips A4 and A5 are coded as S5L8940X and S5L8930X. In the screen shots released by the Boy Genius Report, one chip of Apple is coded as S5L8945X. This one is expected to be A6. Apple has already improved the speed of its all smartphones and iPads. So, it should not be surprising to learn that it would come up with much faster iPad next time. The uncertainty is just about the quantum of speed it will have.

Apple’s iPad 3 is expected to hit markets by this March. The company may give a small introduction of the device by the end of this month. Besides all above mentioned features, it will also come with a high resolution touch screen and more sophisticated camera.